Since the sacrifice of their greatest hero centuries ago, Valat's four nations have been at peace. Atticus and his friends worked hard to prepare to compete in the annual games that commemorated their ancient hero's sacrifice. Their victories are soon forgotten when the games come under attack by the same ancient force that they fought so long ago. After Atticus and his friends survive the brutal attack, they embark on a perilous journey to the Firelands to warn the lords. Along the way, Atticus must also take a personal journey to discover who he really is and find the key to resurrection before all is lost.


War has spread and nations have fallen. Only one nation remains brave enough to stand in defiance to the might of the empire. With the weight of everything falling on his shoulders, Atticus begins to fall apart and finds himself hurting those he has sworn to protect with his increasing power. Ryder once more takes charge of the Woodland army and leads them in a tide turning battle where treachery lurks in every corner. Having done nothing more than hide and watch, Erin begins to unlock her full elemental potential. Meanwhile, Syler finds himself trapped in promises that leave him on the front line of danger. The four must travel through hostile territory, fight monsters thought only to be myths, and make the hardest sacrifice yet--a sacrifice that may be the reckoning of Valat. 


The sacrifice was paid and its toll upon the land of Valat was catastrophic. With nothing left but ashes, friendships are strained and betrayals flourish. Atticus, Ryder, Erin, and Syler must put their differences aside and pull together if they are to find the second spirit of Llachar. The truth of Emperor Kryn's power is revealed and an unknown hero rises up in a war fought in the shadows. An unexpected ally is gained, and a sibling's taste for retribution will change their lives forever.


The time to face Emperor Kryn has finally come. Atticus and his team will lead the Valatian resistance one last time against the empire in a battle where true heroes are born. With the lives of those he loves hanging in the balance, Atticus will have to overcome one last obstacle and face Kryn in a final showdown. The prophecies of old will be manifest, and legacies will be written.

© 2017 by Brian Rankin